JW Marriott Anaheim (Disneyland)

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Project Location: 
Anaheim, CA
Project Status: 
I-526 Approved


Each year Orange County attracts over 46 million visitors, making it the fourth largest tourist destination in the U.S. (higher than San Francisco, Las Vegas, San Diego and Miami). Visitors to Orange County spend $8-11 Billion USD annually. The JW Marriott Anaheim project is walking distance to Disneyland Parks, which annually attract over 25 million visitors (650 million visitors since inception). It is also walking distance to the Anaheim Convention Center, the largest convention center in the Western United States. JW Marriott will be the ONLY 4 diamond rated luxury class hotel outside the Disneyland Park. The City of Anaheim recognizes this need and has offered an $81m tax rebate to the project. This project is under construction and has both I-924 and I-526 approval.