About Us

Your FirstPathway into America

FirstPathway Partners helps foreign investors become United States citizens through the Department of Homeland Security Immigrant Investor (EB-5) program.

FirstPathway Partners Services

  • Provides an investment vehicle within the Milwaukee region that qualifies investors for a green card and citizenship
  • Helps investors with the application process to assure DHS acceptance
  • Provides 24 hour online account access
  • Extensive experience in Immigration application processing and approval

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Our People

Chairman and CEO

Robert W. Kraft

Executive Vice President

Dan Wycklendt

Senior Vice President

Jennifer Sherer

Chief Financial Officer

Scott Miswald

Vice President

John Widmer

Marketing Manager

Jessica Melka

Case Management Associate

Brittany Armbruster

Managing Director - Asia Pacific

Jacob Alpren

Regional Director - India / Middle East

John Endicott

Regional Director - Latin America

Craig Robinson

Regional Director - Nigeria

Jessica Nnaluo

Director - China

Wenbo Yang

Director - Vietnam

Jenny Nguyen

Regional Manager - China

Christina Liu


Regional Manager - Korea

Josh Shin


Regional Director - Asia

Anvi Chen


Regional Manager - South Africa

Sonja Clarke



Kyle Strigenz


Joseph Klein

Regional Manager - Brasil

Sergio Goncalves


Marketing Associate

Emily Collins