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About Us

FirstPathway Partners helps foreign investors become United States Permanent Residents through the Department of Homeland Security Immigrant Investor EB-5 Program. The program requires a minimum investment of $800,000. The program is tailored for high-net-worth individuals who understand and appreciate the value created by participating in a carefully designed program.

Team of professionals

Robert Kraft Dan Wycklendt Joseph Klein Bruna Canto

FirstPathway Partners has set itself apart among EB-5 professionals, developers, and fund managers. Since 2008, FirstPathway Partners has assisted hundreds of immigrant investors through the employment-based fifth preference (EB-5) immigrant visa category regional center program, raising millions in EB-5 funds for job-creating enterprises. FirstPathway Partners is also one of few regional centers to have obtained I-829 approval, and redeemed full investor capital contributions, placing us in the highest category of EB-5 industry achievement.

Our benefits

FirstPathway Partners' success originates from our ability to combine the understanding, track record, and resources you expect, with the trust and complimentary services you deserve. With decades of experience in government, publicly traded companies and real estate, investors can be confident in our ability to make their journey both secure and worry-free.

Investment vehicle

Provides EB-5 investment vehicles in regions throughout the United States of America that qualify investors for a green card

Investor assistance

We provide best-in-class investor support throughout the immigration and investment process to ensure a smooth transition to the United States of America

Extensive experience

Boasting a 100% track record of investors obtaining their permanent green card, we provide extensive experience in immigration application processing

International Support

Our FPP representatives are available around the world, ensuring global accessibility and personalized support tailored to your needs.

Our Memberships

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