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Global Water Center Featured in Chicago Tribune

Spearheaded by John Kim of the Chicago Tribune, this FirstPathway Partners project is featured in a recent video.

The Global Water Center reinforces Milwaukee’s position as “The Silicon Valley of Freshwater Research and Technology”. This unique 7-story, 88,025 square foot lofted building serves a multitude of functions:  housing twenty-five organizations, academic programs, multinational corporations, and startup businesses. Distinctive amenities include a world class flow lab, type II laboratory standard and pre-treatment for type I standard water, a 45-person lecture hall auditorium, an international video conferencing room, laboratories, and testing areas. Highly advanced technology has been integrated into the labs, such as 3D laser imaging. 

Mark Mone, Chancellor of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee says "we're much more concentrated in Wisconsin (compared to other states) and that's what gives us a built-in natural advantage. The natural advantage that we have in Wisconsin is because of the history. It really does relate to so much of the industry, between agriculture and the types of companies that have formed here. There's just an immense concentration, not just in relative terms, but in absolute terms. "

The Global Water Center has an ideal location, with close proximity to Wisconsin's lakes. Professor Rebecca Klaper of the Great Lakes Genomics Center at UWM feels another advantage of The Center is being able to perform research and water technology experiments by simply going out the back door, whereas researchers at other facilities would have to drive to a body of water.

To watch the video, click here.