Kraft to Attend 6th Annual EB-5 Market Exchange

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Kraft to Attend 6th Annual EB-5 Market Exchange

Mr. Kraft will attend the conference, hosted by IIUSA, in Dallas, Texas this year.

"The three-day event will feature EB-5 professionals from around the globe gathering to network, discuss infrastructure and development opportunities in the U.S., and learn about trending tropics from leading experts on immigration and investment."

Last year's conference yielded over 500 attendees, including more than 80 leading experts. Special guests were present, such as former Ambassador to China, Gary Locke, former San Francisco Mayor and former Speaker of the California state legislature, Willie L. Brown Jr., and Charles Oppenheim, Chief of the State Department's Visa Control and Reporting Division. Attendees at this year's conference can expect a similiar experience with topics ranging from immigration to investment.

Mr. Kraft is a Board Member of IIUSA (Association to Invest in USA) and a member of the Presidential Advisory Council (the association overseeing the EB-5 program). Being able to collaborate with other industry professionals and executives is an honor and FirstPathway Partners looks forward to this year's conference, which is expected to be even more successful than last year's. 

To learn more about the conference, click here.