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Robert W. Kraft, Chairman

Robert W. Kraft serves as FirstPathway Partners’ Chairman and CEO. Upon establishing FirstPathway Partners in 2008, Mr. Kraft prioritized its mission to become the leading EB-5 Regional Center practitioner in the United States. Through FirstPathway Partners, Mr. Kraft has earned praise for his efforts for driving economic growth on a global scale under the Federal EB-5 Regional Center Program, as well as for his ability to build bridges across cultures and forge connections that foster economic development. He has been characterized as an entrepreneur, generating growth as a result of his ability to fuse together international cultures, trade, and global economic exchanges.
Mr. Kraft also serves as President Emeritus for IIUSA’s Board of Directors - the national trade association for the EB-5 Regional Center Program where Mr. Kraft served six consecutive terms of service. 
Mr. Kraft has been instrumental in building and maintaining a vital network of relationships worldwide as he harnesses over forty-five years of international business experience at the Executive and Board levels. He provides ongoing support to EB-5 industry-related organizations, presenting globally as an expert source on media platforms around the world. Kraft’s deeply rooted knowledge and experience, paired with his personal investment in this field, make him a driving force in the industry’s continued advancement and success. 
During his career, Mr. Kraft has served on The Board of Directors of twenty-two different organizations, including publicly traded corporations, as well as community-focused non-profit entities.