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Global Water Center Welcomes New Development

The Global Water Center, opened in September of 2013, is a “state-of-the-art facility meant to support and nurture startups to independence, while providing research space for universities and companies.” It is recognized internationally, as 16 international buyer delegations have visited the Center, along with the facility being home to a whopping 31 water-related organizations. This organization is certainly the only one of its kind in Milwaukee or Wisconsin, but more impressively, the country.

Since the Center has opened its doors, it has found continuous success, winning numerous awards and being recognized in various newspapers and articles throughout the country. A Leadership Strategic Vision is a vision currently being developed by the Board of Directors—an effort to outline the Center’s accomplishments, goals, and a very calculated plan for future growth.

The next wave of development includes the construction of Reed Street Yards, a 15 acre lot which will be transformed into a global water technology park. This project is well underway, with underground utilities having been laid thus far and a water feature in the works. Additionally, The Water Council will host its 7th Annual Water Summit, which promises to be the largest one to date. UW-Milwaukee School for Freshwater Sciences will debut its new facility at the event, a $53 million expansion along Milwaukee’s inner harbor.

Dean Amhaus, President and CEO of The Water Council, speaks about the Center’s growth: “As our global impact grows, we will continue to maintain our core principles of economic, talent, and technology development in Milwaukee, regionally, and internationally.”

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