Global Water Center to Reach 90% Occupancy

Global Water Center to Reach 90% Occupancy

Global Water Center’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Dean Amhaus, believes the building, which opened in Milwaukee in 2013, will reach 90% occupancy by this summer. This Firstpathway Partners-funded 7 story, 88,025 square foot building serves as a water research hub, enforcing the city’s position as the Fresh Water Capital of the World.

Why is occupancy at the Global Water Center expected to rise to 90% come summer? The answer is is simple: demand.

According to Milwaukee Business Journal, “an annual report released in December shows patent filings in the water tech realm continually grew from 2010 to 2012.” Nearly 73% of the water tech patents issued in 2012 alone were for water filtration and purification. Also, the patents aren’t concentrated in any one company or location; rather, these patents are spread out. New, advanced water purification technology has aided in some of these patent increases and numbers don’t appear to be dwindling anytime soon, either.

This year, the Global Water Center’s tenants are going in a variety of directions, including: water sensors, roof companies, fuel and energy, and smart water management.

The newly rehabilitated building has a “fresh” future, celebrating the first graduating class of start ups from the center’s accelerator program. Dean Amhaus beams, “People are making (the Global Water Center) a choice destination, from a talent standpoint”.

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