BMO Harris Bank Remains Committed to Milwaukee

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BMO Harris Bank Remains Committed to Milwaukee
In a recent edition of the Milwaukee Business Journal, BMO Harris CEO David Casper discussed BMO Harris Bank’s continued support of the NBA Milwaukee Bucks, the bank’s future in Wisconsin, and its partnership with award-winning developer Irgens.BMO Harris Bank, formerly Marshall and Ilsley Bank (M&I), has a long history in Wisconsin. In his interview, Casper frequently reflected on the importance of maintaining BMOs strong presence in the community. With the construction of the highly anticipated NBA Bucks Arena Casper announced that BMO Harris Bank, a long time supporter of the NBA team, will be one of the founding sponsors. “We can’t wait to be more of a partner.”When asked about the construction of the new BMO Tower, he credited the developer’s President, Mark Irgens, for finding a way to keep the bank’s headquarters in Downtown Milwaukee. He said it was Irgens who came up with the idea to build the new tower in the place of the current parking structure and repurpose the current building. Casper said “Mark’s doing a great job. We are watching, too, because we all have a vested interest in making sure that that building and our new building are top notch.”FirstPathway Partners is proud to be part of this iconic project, which allows BMO Harris to remain a fixture in the City of Milwaukee, through the deployment of EB-5 funds. To view the project’s progress click here or visit