2017 Best and Worst States for Business

2017 Best and Worst States for Business

In a recent review by Chief Executive, a magazine focused on business and development, CEOs from around the country ranked the state of Wisconsin in the top ten for business. The list has been published every year since 2010. It surveys CEOs on their views and assesses the current business climate in each of the 50 states.

Due to varying priorities and the slow pace of government many states have consistently held the same top or bottom positions. However, after several years of working its way from 40th place in 2010, the state of Wisconsin has broken into the top 10. This rise in rank has resulted from a continued effort to implement policy that supports economic development.

Some of the characteristics that CEOs look for are environments free of high tax burdens and onerous regulatory environments. Other factors that affect rank include: workforce readiness, how willing states are to help businesses become established, and worker training.

FirstPathway Partners congratulates all those who have worked tirelessly to reach this milestone and looks forward to being a part of Wisconsin’s bright future.