"After researching several Regional Centers, I decided FirstPathway Partners was a good choice. They have a long track record and solid experience in this type of immigration process. Their plan transmits a feeling of security, and their communication is open and direct. Leaving your country to start a new life is not easy, we all know it. But when I look back, with a smile, at the whole process, and think about my wife and my daughter, I say to myself, “It has all been worth the effort!”" 

"After I got in touch with FirstPathway Partners, they helped me get the process ready for the green card, everything went exactly as they said it would. Today in 2019 I am an American citizen and my daughter is on the national team for rowing, competing in the world championships. She is also preparing to go to Berkeley or Princeton next year to study law. My family and I would like to say THANK YOU to FirstPathway Partners for helping us." 

"I want to thank FirstPathway Partners for their assistance as they have worked so hard for my family to become a resident in this country through the EB-5 program. FirstPathway Partners has very well-organized and reliable projects that have made a great impact our society, and with the help of their highly trained staff we were able to successfully complete our immigration process fairly smoothly. They have helped make the American Dream become a reality for my family."

"I would say FirstPathway Partners is a great company. Their team in Milwaukee and staff in Beijing made the EB-5 process easy for my family, and for that reason I would recommend FirstPathway Partners as a great company to work with and to trust in their abilities."