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Global Water Center Featured in Milwaukee Business Journal

The Milwaukee Business Journal highlighted the Global Water Center's efforts in one of its latest articles. It cites that the $9.6 million Energy Innovation Center, set to launch in 2015, shares the mindset of The Center. Executive Director and CEO of the Energy Innovation Center, Alan Perlstein, "hopes to create a symbiotic ecosystem between startups and industry partners gathered in an energy cluster." Perlstein describes this collaboration as a "blend of nimble, strong, creative startups, along with folks who have good processes and are from larger companies." This same strategy has been applied to the Global Water Center, one of FirstPathway Partners' projects, which celebrated its grand opening in September 2013.

Similar to the Global Water Center's startups, those finding home at the Energy Innovation Center will use industry partners as a testing ground for their products and as mentors. "Those established companies can, in turn, identify and help fill gaps, in order to grow the local energy industry, potentially enlisting startups to help them solve internal challenges. The incubator will get them through the commercialization process by providing office and buildout space that leverages the facility's impressive wattage, Perlstein said. Additionally, M-WERC will provide the legal, accounting and mentoring services for startups' developmental needs."

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