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FirstPathway Partners Unveils New Logo and Visual Identity

New Design Reflects Strong History and Mission Statement

Thursday, March 30, 2023 - Today, FirstPathway Partners (FPP), a leading EB-5 fund management firm, launched its new global brand identity today. This new design reflects the Company’s internal and external growth as well as its global strength within the recently modernized EB-5 visa program. 

For over a decade, FPP has been assisting foreign investors in becoming United States permanent residents through the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visa Program, providing quality institutional-grade investments, and helping investors achieve their American Dream. FPP has established itself as one of the top EB-5 fund management firms in the country. This design is a true reflection of the Company’s commitment to its core values and purpose. 
The FPP brand embraces a proud history of guiding clients through their immigration journey. Since as early as the 11th century, explorers have been using compasses to circumnavigate the globe. The thoughtful compass design built into the FPP wordmark echoes that narrative. The new logo incorporates colors reminiscent of the Company’s proud history but modernizes the wordmark to position the brand for the opportunities of the future. 
“It symbolizes the forces that lead us back to the things that are always true” observed FPP Senior Vice President, Jennifer Sherer. “It is the guidance and resource to keep you on track to find your true north - your deepest held beliefs and the creation of the life you were meant to lead.”  
“As we reflected on our 15th anniversary, we wanted to showcase our growth as an international company.” remarked FPP President, Dan Wycklendt. “FPPs global footprint places it in an excellent position to serve our mission and promise to help foreign investors navigate their journey through the EB-5 Visa Program. This redesign ties into the significant role we play in the lives of our clients and reflects our long-term vision for the Company.”
Clients and partners will notice changes to the look and feel of our online presence and marketing materials, as FPP begins to implement its unified branding program among its family of brands across the globe.
Read the official press release online.

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