2016 Q1 EB-5 Adjudication Data

2016 Q1 EB-5 Adjudication Data

USCIS released updated I-526 data on their website. They also provide an informative chart showing the number of I-526 Immigrant Petitions by alien entrepreneurs by fiscal year, quarter, and case status dating back to 2008 here.

21,988: Currently there are 21,988 I-526 petitions pending with USCIS, representing a 27% increase since last quarter. 

112%: In Q1 of FY2015, there were 13,526 I-526 petitions pending with USCIS. This figure has ballooned by 112% in just one calendar year.

38 months: At the current adjudication rate of around 1,700 petitions  per quarter, it would take roughly 12.5 quarters or 38 months to adjudicate the current backlog of I-526 petitions. 

42%: I-526 approvals decreased 42% from the last quarter of FY2015 and by over 24% in a year-over-year comparison with Q1 FY2015. The data suggests that while USCIS is facing an unprecedented high volume of I-526 filings, the volume of I-526 petitions adjudicated is falling precipitately.

$11 billion: The pending petitions with USCIS equate to roughly  $11 billion of capital investment waiting to be injected into the U.S. economy. 

6+ years: At the current rate of adjudication, it is likely that an EB-5 investor from Mainland-China will have to wait over six years to receive a visa number.