The Water Council Launches The Water Collaborative Innovation Platform

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The Water Council Launches The Water Collaborative Innovation Platform

The Water Council has teamed up with the Innovation Exchange, the School of Freshwater Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and inno360 to further increase Milwaukee’s global presence in water innovation and leadership. The goal of the partnership is to couple their efforts, increasing and improving public-private sector water-related collaborative research.

The Water Collaborative Innovation Platform made its debut at The Water Council’s Water Summit 2014 this year. According to a source from The Water Council, this project is a “web-based search, innovation management and analytics tool that will enable water industry and academic researchers worldwide to conduct the most complete mining of water research information that has ever existed. The platform will access data from the largest landscape of resources and greatly increased the speed of information transfer - from weeks to hours – leading to increased research productivity. “

Dean Amhaus, President and CEO of The Water Council, said this about the collaboration: “Quite simply, the Water Collaborative Innovation Platform supercharges any web search engine with advanced search algorithms, content categorization, and visualization technologies to put Water Council members at a significant advantage when seeking global solutions and global leaders. The water challenges that the world is facing are diverse and addressing these challenges is a daunting task. We believe organizations such as The Water Council, enabled through this Platform, can pull the best minds from around the world in diverse disciplines to successfully address them.”

The Water Council will manage The Platform and inno360 will power it. This advanced technology will afford The Water Council’s members to expand their collaborative research reach with some of the leading public and private organizations, foundations, and academics from around the world.  Michael J. Turillo, Jr., Chairman and Co-founder of inno360, believes “participating within The Platform’s ecosystem will provide The Council’s members and the school’s faculty and graduate students with the advantage of accessing billions of pieces of relevant content for many years into the future. This water centric ecosystem, coupled with the added power of cognitive intelligence approaches that inno360 are currently experimenting and developing, will result in new and exciting ways for water professionals to innovate them.”

The ultimate objective of the partnerships: Solve the most pressing challenges facing our water, now and in the future.