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The Profound Impact of Recent South African Immigration & Tax Law Changes

Thursday, February 4, 2021 - FirstPathway Partners' Regional Director of South Africa, Sonja Clarke, discusses the profound impact of recent South African immigration and tax law changes in her recent webinar. 

This webinar came hot on the heels of the highly publicized new South African Revenue Service (SARS) approach to audit South Africans working abroad. It was also a timely webinar as the final provisional tax payment is due to SARS at the end of February 2021. The webinar focuses on addressing specific areas of concern as indicated by South African expats. The overall purpose of the webinar is to clear up the misinformation that exists in the market and on social media while addressing questions and ensuring the distribution of accurate data regarding the most recent changes to South African immigration and tax laws. 
Misconceptions and Common Questions Addressed in Webinar:
  • If I deregister with SARS, will I be exempt from Expat Tax?
  • How can I time my contract start date to make use of two year’s tax exemption?
  • I was stuck in RSA during lockdown, how can I use new 117/60 day rule?
  • Are Independent Contractors exempt from expat tax?
  • Ticking the “non-resident” check box on your tax return will exempt you from RSA tax.

View webinar recording here.

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