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Navigating the Current EB-5 Landscape

Robert Kraft Talks EB-5 Immigrant Visa Historical Usage and Future Availability

EB-5 Landscape

Robert Kraft, CEO and Chairman of FirstPathway Partners (FPP), was recently featured  in a LAW360 article covering the recent JTC Advanced EB-5 Industry Conference.

During the conference, industry leaders highlighted the significance of the Regional Center program's extension. The industry has seen substantial improvements, with legislation and policy aimed at protecting investors.

Robert W. Kraft, CEO and Chairman of FirstPathway Partners, is encouraged by the momentum created by the increased “runway” the EB-5 program now has, with thousands of visas rolling over into the 2024 fiscal year after going unused in the past two years during the program's dormancy and USCIS' shuttering of operations in China and globally due to COVID-19.

Robert Kraft's participation at the JTC Conference provided valuable insights into the industry's progress and challenges. For an in-depth look at the current landscape of the EB-5 industry, you can find the full article on Law360.


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