National Day Celebrated in China

National Day Celebrated in China

October 1st through the 7th is recognized in China as National Day or "golden week". According to China Highlights, it is the biggest week for tourism in China, when its citizens have a week off to reunite with family and take trips.

National Day has a long history dating back to 1949. It was then that the People's Republic of China was inaugurated.

"An official victory celebration and ceremony was held in Tian’anmen Square. Mao Zedong raised the first Communist national flag of China in person amid 300,000 soldiers and other people who were gathered at the square."

To this day, the Chinese national flag is still raised in the capital city of Beijing, followed by a large parade exhibiting military.

National Day is celebrated throughout Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau. Fireworks, concerts, and other activities are held in celebration of the observed  holiday.

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