More Chinese to Immigrate to U.S.

More Chinese to Immigrate to U.S.

Wealth research firm, Hurun, recently released a report indicating that a whopping 64% of wealthy Chinese are planning on leaving China, while an astounding 1/3 of the super rich (those with a net worth of at least $16 million) have already emigrated.

Their preferred destination? You guessed it, the United States.

CNN Money notes “Access to quality education is one of the biggest draws for Chinese hoping to move to the U.S. — along with cleaner skies and water supplies.” Other reasons?

-Home of the Free

  • Political freedom
  • Ethnic freedom
  • Gender freedom
  • Religious freedom
  • Economic freedom
  • Freedom of choice

-Largest Marketplace in the World

  • Unlimited market/business/economic opportunities

-Financial Capital of the World

-Geographic/Topographic Variety

  • Wide, open spaces
  • Tropical to cold
  • From beach enjoyment to snow sports

-Most Diverse Ethnic Population in the World

  • The world’s melting pot

-Exceptional Quality of Life

-Finest Education System in the World

-Finest Health Care System in the World

-Exceptional Environmental Conditions

  • Clean air
  • Unlimited water
  • Wide, open spaces
  • Extensive power infrastructure

-Unlimited Entertainment Choices

  • Theater
  • Gambling
  • Sports
  • Dining

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