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Milwaukee In-demand

In a recent online edition of the Huffington Post, CEO and Chairman of Manpower Group Jonas Prising highlighted several factors that make the city of Milwaukee one of America’s best kept secrets. Positive economic and development trends in Milwaukee have brought the city to the forefront of digital manufacturing, reduced the unemployment rate, and made Milwaukee a top destination for businesses. The article also addresses how Milwaukee’s young and highly skilled workforce is meeting the demand in a “city transforming itself.”Businesses like Rockwell Automation and most recently Foxconn “are trailblazing a new industry” that will provide thousands of sustainable jobs. These jobs will add to the positive net hiring outlook the state of Wisconsin has experienced over the past seven years. At current, the state’s unemployment rate is around 3.2 percent, a 17 year low. According to Prising employment projections are “on a level with or stronger than New York” in sectors like business services, manufacturing, construction, and leisure and hospitality. The low unemployment rate and positive job outlook can all be attributed to the city of Milwaukee’s “work-ready talent, business friendly policies and economic development expert’s intent on the region’s success.”Thanks to the many top universities located in the city, there is a significant population of highly skilled workers ready to meet growing demands. Home to one of the top 10 most youthful populations in the United States, Milwaukee’s young and educated cohort has stemmed a significant increase (145%) in venture capital funding for new startups.Prising concludes the article stating “Milwaukee is fueled by transforming industries that are re-tooling the city to compete on a global stage.” Through the EB-5 Program FirstPathway Partners aims to be a part of this transformation and affect positive change. We have helped provide capital for numerous projects in hospitality, manufacturing, and research development for projects like The Kimpton Journeyman, The Global Water Center, and Delta-Hawk. FirstPathway Partners central location also helps us select the best projects and understand the community’s needs.

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