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Latest FirstPathway Partners' Informational Webinar:

National Brands, Good Countries, & COVID-19; A Conversation on the Future of Global Citizenship & Migration

Tuesday, May 5, 2020 - The global pandemic of coronavirus has dramatically impacted virtually every nation, community, and indeed person on earth.  Its enduring legacy and the responses nations and influential elites have taken - including wealthy migrants and entrepreneurs - will play a major role in shaping the 2020s. To explore the impacts, at the global, national, and elite levels please join us for a conversation with our distinguished guest, Simon Anholt, a leading global authority on national branding and the founder of the Good Country Index.  First Pathway Partner’s Senior VP for Global Business Development, Ramin Asgard, also brings a lifetime of global engagement, experience, and analysis to the discussion.

The webinar is scheduled for Monday, May 11th at 9:00am EST. Click HERE to register.

Questions to be Addressed: 

  • Does the transnational challenge it presents give global elites greater incentive to become “Global Citizens”, operating in a world beyond strict national interests within one that is far more multilateral? 
  • Or does the coronavirus’ enduring impact trigger an even greater emphasis on protectionist impulses of security and self-preservation? 
  • How have the national brands of the United States, and other key migration destination countries, been affected by the pandemic and the responses each country has taken? 
  • Is there any early indication of impacts on global “Nation Brand” perceptions, particularly among global elites considering migration?  

*Participation and questions from the audience are encouraged. Participants who register and join the conversation will receive a preview of Mr. Anholt’s upcoming book The Good Country Equation, being released by Penguin/Random House in August 2020. 

A brief background on the speakers - 

Simon Anholt

Over the last twenty years, Simon Anholt has helped more than fifty countries to engage more productively and imaginatively with the international community, and to project their ​‘soft power’ more effectively. He is recognised as the world’s leading authority on national image and as the creator of the terms ​‘nation brand’, ​‘place brand’ and ​‘competitive identity’, amongst many others. Mr. Anholt works as an independent advisor to national, city and regional governments around the world on topics ranging from national image to tourism and investment promotion, from hosting major events to public diplomacy and cultural relations. Simon has published several books about countries, their images and their role in the world. He also produces two major global surveys tracking public perceptions of countries and cities, the Anholt-Ipsos Nation Brands Index and City Brands Index, in partnership with the research group Ipsos-Mori. He is Founding Editor Emeritus of the academic journal, Place Branding and Public Diplomacy.

Ramin Asgard

Mr. Asgard is Senior Vice President for Global Business Development with First Pathway Partners, a US-based investment and global services firm.  He is also a national security thought leader, attorney, and independent consultant based in New York City and globally.  His work is focused on Global Market Access and Analysis, National Security Matters, Global Immigration/Citizenship, and Government Relations. Previously, Mr. Asgard was a highly decorated veteran U.S. Foreign Service Officer with the Department of State, with extensive global expeditionary/combat, field and headquarters experience in the diplomatic, commercial/trade advocacy, consular, political, intelligence, pol/mil, economic, public diplomacy, and research and analysis experience.  He is a lifetime member of the Council on Foreign Relations and Phi Beta Kappa