JW Marriott Ahaheim, California Construction Update

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JW Marriott Ahaheim, California Construction Update

Monday, December 16, 2019 - A new Field Report is now available for JW. Construction is approximately 90% complete. Vertical construction is complete with work continuing on the interior and exterior of the building. Installation of the lay-in ceiling tiles is complete from the basement through the 11th floor. Installation of the steel framing at the roof screen and rooftop bar is complete.  Installation of concrete curbs, sidewalks, and ramps is in progress. Work is also in progress on the pool deck. 

As noted in the last report, the substantial completion date is March 02, 2020. Based the new updated schedule dated February 9, 2019, the project is generally on schedule.
The JW Marriott in Anaheim is will be the only 4-diamond rated hotel outside of Disneyland Park. The hotel has been called one of the best and most exciting EB-5 projects currently under construction with both I-924 and I-526 approval. 
You can learn more about our EB-5 projects here or watch a live stream of the construction here