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Jennifer Sherer Featured in EB-5 Investors Magazine

FPP's Jennifer Sherer Remarks on RIA Set-Aside Visas for EB-5 Investors

Friday, July 28, 2023 - With the introduction of the Reform and Integrity Act of 2022 (RIA), the EB-5 visa program has undergone significant changes, offering new set-aside visas that may help investors from backlogged countries like China. In a recent article by EB-5 Investors Magazine, Jennifer Sherer, the Senior Vice President of FirstPathway Partners (FPP), provides invaluable insights to investors seeking guidance on how to bypass long wait times and secure their EB-5 visas. 

Jennifer Sherer highlights an important aspect concerning USCIS transparency on wait times, stating, “They have not provided information on the country of chargeability of those applicants. Without this type of data from the USCIS, it is impossible to compare queues or wait times. Adding to that is that numerical limits are also subject to future changes.”

She notes that critical data on the country of chargeability of applicants has not been provided, making it challenging to compare queues or wait times accurately. This lack of information may impact investor decisions. 

Sherer also offers valuable advice on petition filings, emphasizing the importance of strategic decision-making. With the RIA set-aside visas opening up new opportunities, investors must carefully evaluate their options to optimize their chances of securing an EB-5 visa. Sherer cautions against premature withdrawals stating, “The worst thing you can do is withdraw only to watch your original priority date authorized for visa issuance.”

Jennifer Sherer's commentary reflects FPP's in-depth understanding of available data and the complexities surrounding the program. Her expertise goes beyond merely acknowledging the present situation; it demonstrates FPP's proactive approach to adapting to evolving circumstances. Investors can take solace in knowing that FPP is committed to providing reliable support, ensuring their investments are safeguarded, and their immigration goals remain on track.

We invite all interested investors to read the article here or contact Jennifer Sherer at for more information.




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