IIUSA Annual Membership Meeting

IIUSA Annual Membership Meeting

IIUSA held its 9th annual membership meeting on May 7th, kicking off the 7th Annual EB-5 Regional Economic Development Conference. Among the many in attendance were the Honorable Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) and Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

A number of committees were represented at the annual meeting, notably:

 Bylaws Committee

·        Aimed to increased the IIUSA Board of Directors from nine to thirteen members

·        Amendment to further empower and activate IIUSA

Nominations Committee

·        Re-election of all existing Officers and Directors, including the addition of Bob Kraft’s new Directorship

Budget and Finance Committee

·        Adoption of a new budget for the year beginning June 1, 2014, ending May 30th, 2015

Best Practices Committee

·        Industry self-regulation procedures designed to bring the ethical and professional standards applicable to IIUSA members into line with the rapidly evolving EB-5 marketplace

The meeting closed with committee chairs delivering Committee reports. FirstPathway Partners looks forward to being a part of IIUSA’s next Annual Membership Meeting in 2015.