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Global Water Center Recognized as Model Cluster

Milwaukee’s regional water technology industry (supported by The Water Council) was recently named by The Brookings Institute as one of the best industry clusters in the nation. 

The case studies used by The Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program - which helps serve as guidance for metropolitan leaders in identifying and embracing industry clusters within their region to grow the economy - included Milwaukee as one of the five case studies that indicate a successful industry cluster.    

Led by The Water Council, Milwaukee’s water cluster has established the region as a top global hub for innovation and solutions to the world’s water challenges.

According to the study on Milwaukee, the region’s water cluster consisted of 175 firms generating $10.5 billion in revenue, employing more than 20,000 workers in the region. FirstPathway Partners is pleased to share this news and is continuously encouraged by the Water Council's ability to create partnerships that have a lasting positive economic impact.  

Read the full report: Rethinking Cluster Initiatives

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