FY18 Q4 I-526 Statistics and Analysis

FY18 Q4 I-526 Statistics and Analysis

Friday, March 1, 2019 - USCIS published data on FY18 Q4 I-526 trends and statistics. In addition to this report, IIUSA has also published its most recent analysis which highlights the impact of the efforts by USCIS to continue to improve its adjudication efficiency and other salient industry data points which should result in faster processing times. 

Below are some highlighted key points by IIUSA:  

  • I-526 Pending - With the combination of the significant decline in I‐526 filings and the consistent growth in I‐526 adjudications, the number of I‐526 petitions pending in USCIS as of the end of Q4 FY2018 continued to decrease by 16% from the last quarter to 14,394, the lowest level since Q3 FY2015.
  • I-526 Adjudications - In FY2018, over 14,850 I‐526 petitions were adjudicated by USCIS, representing a growth of 60% year‐over‐year in USCIS’s productivity.
  • I-526 Filings - The number of I‐526 petitions filed in FY2018 was 6,424, a 40% decline from FY2017. The annual number of I‐526 filings in FY2018 was at its lowest level in the last five years.
  • I-526 Approval Rate - The average approval rate of an I‐526 petition declined by 10% in Q4 FY2018, down from 97% in Q3 FY2018 to only 87% in the fourth quarter.

You can view the full report here.