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Exclusive Podcast Series on EB-5 Immigration and Comprehensive Wealth Solutions!

Friday, August 25, 2023 - This latest episode of Investing In The American Dream podcast brings you a dynamic collaboration between FPP and Proxy Financial to offer our listeners an engaging and enlightening series on EB-5 immigration and strategic financial planning for investors transitioning to the United States. Our joint mission is to equip EB-5 investors with invaluable insight into essential Pre-Immigration efficiency planning strategies.

Bryan Caulkins, co-founder of Proxy Financial, is joined by FPP’s Manuel Ortiz in a unique partnership between two EB-5 experts who really understand what it takes to accomplish successful immigration goals.

Proxy Financial was founded in 2017 to serve as fiduciaries for U.S. nationals and citizens around the world, seeking to protect, grow, and diversify their investments in the U.S. Bryan’s work experience spans 5 countries, he is a native English and Portuguese speaker, fluent in Spanish and French. Bryan has spoken at events in almost all of Latin America and in Western Europe. The Proxy team has served hundreds of families to adequately create their immigration and financial plans to move to the U.S. In this episode, he offers profound insights into the realm of potential investment opportunities that unfurl after immigrant investors have successfully established their presence in the U.S.

Download the latest episode and stay tuned for more from this series – and register for our upcoming webinar that will cover investment strategies to optimize your transition to the U.S.

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