Ed Beshara Talks E-2 Visa

Ed Beshara Talks E-2 Visa
Monday, November 25, 2019 – Edward Beshara, of Beshara Global Migration Law Firm, visited FirstPathway Partners and provided his insight on the E-2 visa process. For most, E-2 offers faster entry into the U.S., especially for immigrant investors awaiting EB-5 approval. 
“I have represented E-2 investors for 35 years. E-2 is a quick entry option that allows investors to stay in the U.S. while waiting for EB-5 approval (if so desired). Today, there is irrevocable commitment of investment before E-2 Visa application files, agreements to purchase an existing business, or commit to vendors (new businesses). E-2 Investors can within a few months, enter the U.S. with spouse and minor children to live and work in the U.S. but an E-2 country citizenship is necessary a first step.” - Beshara
E-2 Visa Benefits: 
  • Expeditious processing: U.S. E-2 visa can generally be obtained within 3 months
  • Unlimited number of extensions
  • Investor’s spouse and dependent children under 21 years old may be included
  • Investor’s spouse can apply to work anywhere in the U.S. 
  • Free high-school education for children in the U.S. with E-2 visa and in-state college tuition rates
  • E-2 can have the potential to be converted to EB-5 over the course of time
  • Investor and dependents may spend time in the U.S. without being subject to world-wide income tax
To learn more about E-2 Visa Program benefits, such as swift entrance into the United States, and a seamless transition into the EB-5 process, please contact FirstPathway Partners at