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DeltaHawk a Leader in Aircraft Diesel Technology

There have been an increasing amount of aircraft and engine manufacturers incorporating and developing new diesel powered aircraft engines, and there’s a reason for it. According to Allen Schaefer, the Executive Director of the Diesel Technology Forum, “the new diesel engines have lower fuel consumption and increased range and better performance at altitude—some very significant improvements that are being welcomed by the general aviation industry. Today, diesel technology powers the most diverse spectrum of equipment, ranging from the world’s largest construction machinery, passenger and race cars, cruise and cargo ships, agricultural equipment, trucks and buses, and even submarines. It’s fitting that diesel technology is now accelerating its advancement into general aviation and even in the use of unmanned aerial systems (drones).”

Diesel engines have powered nearly all modes of surface transportation, but are finally beginning to take off in the aviation industry. Analysts are predicting the widespread adoption of diesel engines throughout aviation and “some are even suggesting the increased fuel efficiency and lead-free emissions from new diesel engines may be the biggest change in light aircraft engines in many years.” Just as light duty vehicles are seeing an increase in clean diesel in the U.S. market, diesel engines in the aviation industry are seeing month-to-month growth.

Aerospace Online recognizes DeltaHawk Diesel Engines as a leader in the aircraft diesel engine industry. As a major company, DeltaHawk’s commitment to diesel plays a key role in the future expansion of diesel technology.

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