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DeltaHawk to be Industry Pioneer

This year, the company plans on testing and certifying its multi-fuel 160-200 horsepower engines to meet new FAA standards. The Clean Air Act, enforced by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), requires the general aviation industry to transition from leaded aviation gasoline into more clean burning fuel. DeltaHawk's new engines will be smaller in size and roughly 35 percent more efficient than traditional AvGas burning engines, with the ability to fly further. The distinctive design will be able to maintain 100 percent power up to 18,000 feet.

Upon certification, the engines will be crowned as the lightest, most fuel-efficient, and reliable multi-fuel engines on the market. These higher horsepower engines will be used primarily in general aviation airplanes.

Founded in 1996, this unique FirstPathway Partners project developed "the first "clean sheet" compression-ignition engines; radically redesigning the general aviation airplane engine and revolutionizing the industry."

To learn more about this project, click here. To learn more about the EPA AvGas mandate, click here.

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