DeltaHawk’s Newest Prototype Undergoes Flight Testing

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DeltaHawk’s Newest Prototype Undergoes Flight Testing

DeltaHawk Diesel Engines, a FirstPathway Partners’ project, is currently testing the Cirrus SR20, with the intent of obtaining an engine STC as soon as Type Certification is obtained.

DeltaHawk’s new prototype has been impressing engineers, including Nathan Zucker, a Cirrus Certified Instructor Pilot and Aerospace Engineer. He notes, “Through the testing process, the engine has proven itself to run very smoothly, with minimal vibration relative to the Continental. The efficiency of the engine is remarkable. We completed a 6 hour, non-stop, un-refueled leg, with IFR reserves.” What else makes the prototype noteworthy? “The cooling liquid flows smoothly from the spinner to the fuselage, providing reduced drag and a look previously only available with turbo-props. The DeltaHawk engine is 30-40% more fuel efficient than comparable gasoline engines, and, when combined with the unique aerodynamic advantages, the resulting overall efficiencies are bound to set new benchmarks in aircraft performance.”

In layman’s terms, this new DeltaHawk prototype is getting rave reviews so early on because the engine is incredibly compact, its advanced liquid cooling process is state-of-the-art, and its fuel efficiency is unmatched for an engine of its kind. Overall, the design is relatively simple, requiring just a third of the parts of competitive engines. The decrease in its parts and electronics equate to more reliability, serviceability, and affordability.

DeltaHawk Engines has been around since 1996 and has pledged to create super-charged engines with extraordinary altitude performance by pilots for pilots. DeltaHawk remains an industry leader, evident in the fact that there are currently over 40 aircraft models around the globe emulating the DeltaHawk engine’s original design.

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