Chairman, President, and CEO, Robert Kraft, visits China

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Chairman, President, and CEO, Robert Kraft, visits China

FirstPathway Partners Chairman, President, and CEO, Robert Kraft, visits China.

I sit down with Bob to talk about his most recent trip to China. He shares with me what he gained from the trip and gives some insight into Mr. Zhai Zhihai’s background, as he is introduced to the China marketplace.

1.      With whom did you meet in China?

I met with EB 5 Agent / Partners / Investors in major cities throughout China during my 10 day visit, along with the President of AmCham, China, Mr. Mark Duval.

2.      What was the purpose of the trip?

The purpose of the trip was to support our Agent Partners’ efforts, on behalf of FirstPathway Partners, EB-5 projects with their EB5 Investors.  I also spent a significant amount of time with our new China Director, Mr. Zhai Zhihai, who is being introduced to the China marketplace this week.  Mr. Zhai and I have been doing business since 2004, assisting Milwaukee and the State of Wisconsin with its outreach to China.  Mr. Zhai, who was educated in the United States, as was his daughter, has over 35 years of Government and Business experience, and we are proud to welcome him to the Senior FPP Management team.  He will be an invaluable asset as we continue to grow our success in China.

3.      What was gained from your trip?

My first trip to China was in 2004 and I have been traveling there annually multiple times since then.  Regardless of the amount of time spent in China, it is always an eye opening, productive experience because of the rapid change in China, (which is non- stop) the new people I have had the honor to meet, and of course the opportunity to visit with business associates who have become friends over the years.

4.      Anything you learned from the trip that you can use business-wise, moving forward?

Trust in local leadership and the maturity/experience of any organization’s leadership is everything.  I certainly always knew this, but had it reconfirmed during this trip in a significant way.  As mentioned above, FPP is very excited about Mr. Zhai assuming this role for us in China.

5.      What would you like others to know about your trip (what you talked about or learned from the visit)?

The Canadian Government recently announced a cancellation of the Federal Immigrant Investor program and the return of over 60,000 files to applicants from around the world.  A large percentage of these files were from China and FPP stands ready to assist our EB-5 Chinese Licensed Agents with Quality EB-5 programs in order to enter the United States.

6.      Overall thoughts/final comments/any concerns/areas where FPP could step in and help? 

As mentioned above, we stand ready to assist individuals/ families interested in the EB5 program, regardless of what part of the world they hail from.  FirstPathway Partners has invested in many quality projects with one of the best legal teams in the business and a track record to match.

For those who have been negatively impacted by the Canadian Government’s decision to cancel their EB-5 program, FirstPathway Partners stands ready to assist you with your journey to the United States of America. Contact us today.