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Through one of the oldest regional centers in the United States, American-based investment companies help foreign investors become US citizens through the US Homeland Security Investment Immigration (EB5) program.

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An investment vehicle that provides qualified investors with green cards and citizenship in the Milwa Base area.



Help investors in the application process and ensure the approval of the Department of Homeland Security.

Has extensive experience in the processing and approval of immigration applications, including I-829 approval.



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"I’d like to use this opportunity to show my appreciation of Mr. Asif Chhipa for all his help with the investment and the EB-5 application. This entire process was very unfamiliar to me and my family, and we are glad to have had Mr. Chhipa work with us and guide us through all the documentation required for the submission. We are very grateful to him for taking the time to create the source of funds summary statement and going through the documents and giving feedback before sending it to the attorneys. We were especially impressed with his forethought on the documents that the attorneys would request and had everything they had asked for on hand. The application process went smoothly because of the strong package that Mr. Chhipa had created for us and more so because he was constantly in touch with the attorneys to ensure that proper and timely communications and document requests were being made by them. We would also like to thank him for his constant and timely communication, and prompt replies to any queries we had. Mr. Chhipa was always only a phone call away even when travelling or taking care of his family. We were able to contact him and talk to him even when he was in a completely different time-zone, and we truly appreciate him for going above and beyond in taking care of us. A big thank you to FirstPathway Partners and everyone involved in our EB-5 application for making this a seamless process as well. We wish you and Mr. Chhipa all the success in the future and look forward to a successful completion of the project."  

“有了孩子,向他们寻求最好的东西就是我的旅程的起点。我能够与FirstPathway Partners保持联系。我们希望拥有一个过程和旅程,给我们带来舒适感,我们正在寻找合适的人选合作伙伴来带给我们经验,他们欢迎我和我的家人,并确保我们的文件井井有条。我要感谢FirstPathway Partners,如果没有他们,这对我和我的家人来说只是一个梦想,但现在已经成为现在这是现实。”

“九年前,我们开始寻求从丹麦移民到美国。我们被介绍给FirstPathway Partners,并拜访了他们在密尔沃基的办公室,在那里他们给了我们游览这座城市的机会,并带我们完成了EB-5流程。每当我们有任何疑问并解释我们的选择以确保我们完全理解时,它们都将非常有帮助。之后,我和妻子决定继续进行EB-5计划是最好的选择。我们在FirstPathway Partners并移民到美国方面拥有很多良好的经验。我们热爱这个国家,并将留在这里,明年再申请公民身份。”

“在研究了几个区域中心之后,我认为FirstPathway Partners是一个不错的选择。他们在此类移民过程中拥有悠久的往绩和丰富的经验。他们的计划传达了一种安全感,他们的沟通是公开而直接的。一个国家要开始新的生活并不容易,我们都知道。但是,当我面带微笑回首整个过程,回想起我的妻子和女儿时,我对自己说:“一切都值得努力!”

“在与FirstPathway Partners取得联系之后,他们帮助我为绿卡做好了准备,一切都按照他们所说的进行。今天是2019年,我是美国公民,我的女儿参加了国家赛艇队的比赛,她还准备明年去伯克利或普林斯顿学习法律。我和我的家人想对FirstPathway Partners的帮助表示感谢。”

“我要感谢FirstPathway Partners的帮助,因为他们为使我的家人为通过EB-5计划成为这个国家的居民而付出了辛勤的工作。FirstPathwayPartners的组织结构非常可靠,对我们的项目产生了巨大的影响在社会上,在训练有素的员工的帮助下,我们得以相当顺利地成功完成了移民程序。他们使美国梦成为我家庭的现实。”