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Jacob Alpren, Director of Asia Operations


Jacob Alpren is First Pathway’s Director of Asia Operations and Chief Legal Counsel.  

A graduate of Stanford Law School, Mr. Alpren is a recognized expert in several areas of U.S. law and has been invited to give lectures on U.S. law topics to some of China’s largest law firms and industry groups. Mr. Alpren began his legal career with the United States Federal Court. He later worked for a leading U.S. law firm and became a founding partner at a well-respected San Francisco law firm specializing in antitrust and litigation. Mr. Alpren’s clients have included some of the largest corporations in the United States, as well as several leading electronics manufacturers from Taiwan and clients in China’s transportation and Japan’s automobile industry.

Prior to becoming a lawyer, Mr. Alpren lived for six years in China, where he served as Shanghai Bureau Chief for Associated Press-Dow Jones New Services. In this capacity, he was responsible for Dow Jones news coverage in central China and also was a frequent contributor to the Wall Street Journal.

In addition to Stanford Law School, Mr. Alpren attended Beijing Normal University in 1991 and graduated from Amherst College in 1993 with a major in Chinese language and history.