EB-5 Application Process

Step 1

EB-5 Application Process

Your Pathway to U.S. Citizenship begins by contacting a FirstPathway Partners representative.

Simply fill out the application forms and submit them to FirstPathway Partners. Once your escrow account is open, deposit the fund administrative fee and $500,000 USD.

The $500,000 USD and the fund administrative fee are safe in the escrow account – it’s still your money – where it remains until your application is filed. Contact an FPP representative for current processing times.

FirstPathway Partners reviews your application and helps compose a transparent financial picture, a complete list of government and bank certified documents, and a memorandum used to illustrate the trail of your funds. It is important that your financial documentation is "transparent," and clearly shows where the funds have come from. This makes it easier for the USCIS to approve your application.

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